About Us

Mehnaz Fine Jewels Inc. is the abode of awe-inspiring handcrafted jewelry that fuses contemporary energy with exquisite gemstones to create exemplary pieces. Each of our collections masterfully showcase our vision, and display our devoted commitment to high art and flawless workmanship, coupled with a signature-modern aesthetic.

We have been based in Greater Vancouver for over ten years, providing unsurpassed service as a boutique designer and retailer of luxury jewelry with an allegiance to matchless quality and authenticity. Mehnaz Durrani founded the brand, as a sum of years of passion, creation, and innovation that pioneered a company that adeptly delivers the highest vision of artistry through gems. Each item in our collection is meticulously crafted as a singular piece that commands attention and incites utter fascination.

Our oath of advancing and nurturing each relationship has evolved trusted alliances with suppliers who provide us distinct gemstones at costs that permit our products to maintain competitive pricing. Hence, we provide exceptional value for superlative quality, with each gemstone being fully appraised and authenticated by an accredited Gemologist. It is the highest desire of our brand to cultivate longstanding relationships with our clients that will persist for many generations to follow, and thus we welcome direct communication between our clients and our founder. You may contact the Founder and Owner of the company, Mehnaz Durrani, at mehnaz@mehnazfinejewels.com.